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The World's Great Letters

This book you may recognize from Sex And The City when Carrie and Big are in bed together. Carrie reads the line, "Ever thine, ever mine." which became part of their vows to each other. I hadn't noticed that this was the same book till my friend pointed it out.

I actually inherited this from my Grandparents after they passes. I have a few books from the early 1900's and this is one of them.

I was drawn to this because I love human connection and perspective. This book is a collection of so many people's interactions and experiences. I think what trips me out the most is the fact that back in the day it took so long to get a message out to people.

Today we shoot a text and in an instant someone half way around the world can receive it. It's something so many take for granted today. 

When I was little my parents were divorced and I lived with my dad so my mom would always write. I have a bunch of old letters and vintage cards from her and my brother. I have some I sent them as well.

I will say I'm super grateful for the fact that I was born in 1983 where I got to experience receiving handwritten letters and now today can call my bestie in Dubai and chat via video. It's a privilege to experience both worlds.

Who could you write a letter to today? I mean an actual hand written letter?

I encourage you to take the time to give that gift not only to someone else, give it also to yourself.

Who knows maybe one day someone will find it, read it and be in awe of the energy you shared.  THAT is truly a gift that keeps giving.

Peace and love. ❤️


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