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Go Deep Over Wide

This is an idea I've pondering more lately. The idea of going deeper in things rather than wider.  In the past I've been a person who loves a buffet in life. I'd want to taste all the things in order to find out what flavors really speak to me. Even as I write this I can see how maybe going wide was a great starting point because now I can see where I want to go deep.

What I mean by all this is really allowing myself to be with something, sit with it and continue to seek beyond what it initially gives me. For example, in the past I'd read a book and then think... That was a great book. (I never finish books I don't enjoy) So I'd finish these books and then grab another one to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with this yet I've noticed a change in myself. I find as I read now I'm being drawn into sentences to truly ponder. I experience language in a new way. I can find one sentence can hold every key to life. I could imagine now reading one book over my life and never being able to grasp all the wisdom that is actually there.

This is what I mean by going deeper rather than wider. One word could take me on a whole adventure in my mind. They trigger something in me. My inner Goonies comes out and in one sentence or word I want to venture upon in my own life.

I have thoughts like...

How does this show up in my life?

Is this language creating for the higher good?

Is this the best way of writing/saying this?

How would I write this? Say this?

This idea would be great for so and so.

This reminds me of...

This is another way of saying xyz...

I could write a whole book on this sentences idea.

Is this a fear based or love based thought. 

I recognize this authors limiting belief, ego, passion, truth etc.

I used to do this at this age.

I truly am pondering how the words I read apply to my life, show up in my life, mirror life and so on. It's a place of meditation, stepping into different worlds and trying things on to remember truth and then discover my unique expression around it. In the pondering and giving myself permission to play rather than speed on by I open the gateway to inspired action, flow and downloads from my higher self and source.

Maybe you're in the stage of eating at the buffet, discovering the flavors that light you up in life or maybe you're in the archeologist phase where you're slowing down to dig deep, discover and ponder what life is saying to you. Wherever you are, amazing, acknowledge it and enjoy it. 

If the joy is challenging to cultivate try the one you haven't been in. Sometimes switching it up ignites the passion and you don't know what you don't know. So seek to know.

Cheers friends, love you! 




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