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Uncategorized Jan 20, 2021

Who else is with me on this one?

I am not one to invest a lot of time into TV or movies but if it's a good love story it can definitely pull me in.

My hubby now knows this and will invite me to come cuddle on the couch with a foot massage and something romantically entertaining.

 In the past he used to get frustrated because he'd ask me if I wanted to go see a movie and he could see my hesitation lol

There aren't a lot of movies that really inspire me to want to sit down for 2 hours and give my energy to them.

So bravo Ingel for observing what I like and finding something enjoyable for both of us. 

I've found being in a relationship where both people are aware of what the other enjoys and finding ways of tying it in with what you enjoy works so well.

He loves movies and television and can tie me into that experience by watching romantic comedies with me.

I love reading and he doesn't so much but he's always open when I ask him if I can read to him a short snippet of something I found of value that I think he may enjoy. Learning through conversation and interactions is his preferred method so I honor that.

What these actions stem from is a true longing for the others happiness. 

It's never about changing them, it's about finding the best way to share your world with them from what works best for them.

When we're in relationships we GET TO BE CREATIVE. 

Create ways that work for you. Your thoughts are limitless so the way you love is limitless.

Have fun with your relationship journey! It's yours to play in however your heart desires.

Dream BIG and Love BIG!

It's the only way to go ;)

Thank you Ingel for all that you are. Your intentions, love and creativity is felt. <3 <3 <3...


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