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Go Deep Over Wide

This is an idea I've pondering more lately. The idea of going deeper in things rather than wider.  In the past I've been a person who loves a buffet in life. I'd want to taste all the things in order to find out what flavors really speak to me. Even as I write this I can see how maybe going wide was a great starting point because now I can see where I want to go deep.

What I mean by all this is really allowing myself to be with something, sit with it and continue to seek beyond what it initially gives me. For example, in the past I'd read a book and then think... That was a great book. (I never finish books I don't enjoy) So I'd finish these books and then grab another one to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with this yet I've noticed a change in myself. I find as I read now I'm being drawn into sentences to truly ponder. I experience language in a new way. I can find one sentence can hold every key to life. I could imagine now reading one book over my life and never being able to...

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The World's Great Letters

This book you may recognize from Sex And The City when Carrie and Big are in bed together. Carrie reads the line, "Ever thine, ever mine." which became part of their vows to each other. I hadn't noticed that this was the same book till my friend pointed it out.

I actually inherited this from my Grandparents after they passes. I have a few books from the early 1900's and this is one of them.

I was drawn to this because I love human connection and perspective. This book is a collection of so many people's interactions and experiences. I think what trips me out the most is the fact that back in the day it took so long to get a message out to people.

Today we shoot a text and in an instant someone half way around the world can receive it. It's something so many take for granted today. 

When I was little my parents were divorced and I lived with my dad so my mom would always write. I have a bunch of old letters and vintage cards from her and my brother. I have some I sent them as...

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I love LOVE

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2021

Who else is with me on this one?

I am not one to invest a lot of time into TV or movies but if it's a good love story it can definitely pull me in.

My hubby now knows this and will invite me to come cuddle on the couch with a foot massage and something romantically entertaining.

 In the past he used to get frustrated because he'd ask me if I wanted to go see a movie and he could see my hesitation lol

There aren't a lot of movies that really inspire me to want to sit down for 2 hours and give my energy to them.

So bravo Ingel for observing what I like and finding something enjoyable for both of us. 

I've found being in a relationship where both people are aware of what the other enjoys and finding ways of tying it in with what you enjoy works so well.

He loves movies and television and can tie me into that experience by watching romantic comedies with me.

I love reading and he doesn't so much but he's always open when I ask him if I can read to him a short snippet of...

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Truth Recognizes Truth

In as many moments as you can through out your day take a breath and feel into your body.

What does your chest feel? Your throat feel? Your head? 

Checkin with what's there.

Our feelings are a guide to our thoughts, truth and next best step.

This is the path to your divine self and ultimate freedom.

Always do more of what feels good and move away from what doesn't. 

It's so simple, so keep it simple.

Complexity is usually what causes stress, anxiety and all things of the "not feel good" experience.

What can you simplify today?

Take another deep breath and let it out as the answer comes to you.

What can you simplify today?

What can you simplify today?

Whatever answer that came up, I want you to take a step towards that today.

It's a step into your highest self expression.

Trust your journey and go!

Love you,

Coach Lizzy Rich

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