Live Rich Live Free

Truth Recognizes Truth

In as many moments as you can through out your day take a breath and feel into your body.

What does your chest feel? Your throat feel? Your head? 

Checkin with what's there.

Our feelings are a guide to our thoughts, truth and next best step.

This is the path to your divine self and ultimate freedom.

Always do more of what feels good and move away from what doesn't. 

It's so simple, so keep it simple.

Complexity is usually what causes stress, anxiety and all things of the "not feel good" experience.

What can you simplify today?

Take another deep breath and let it out as the answer comes to you.

What can you simplify today?

What can you simplify today?

Whatever answer that came up, I want you to take a step towards that today.

It's a step into your highest self expression.

Trust your journey and go!

Love you,

Coach Lizzy Rich

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